Inserts, Outserts and Pre-prints

The Guide offers three high-impact circulars to grab your customer’s attention. Printed at Fry Communications, our individually designed circulars will maximize your return on precious advertising dollars. Simply choose which streets in particular neighborhoods you would like to target, provide your message and artwork, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll have a beautifully designed, printed, and delivered advertising insert for only pennies each.

Oversized inserts: Our exclusive product! These inserts measure a whopping 10 1/2” by 13” and extend beyond the edges of the The Guide by a full inch and a half on the top and side so readers immediately see your message. Printed on two sides in dynamic full color on glossy stock, oversized inserts offer maximum impact with minimum investment. Your message is mailed directly to the homes you choose, from a minimum of 10,000 homes up to our entire circulation. Of course larger quantities receive volume discounts.

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Traditional inserts: Traditional 8 1/2″ x 11″ double sided inserts deliver high impact four color printing for as little as 4 cents each. We will design, print, and deliver your timely message to your target audience. Print quantities are based on increments of 10,000 pieces to meet your delivery and budget needs.

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Outserts: An Outsert is a two-sided, 8 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ glossy circular that’s wrapped around the outside of The Guide. It puts your message front and center for maximum exposure. The Outsert is an excellent choice for saturating your target markets on the East and West Shores.

The Guide Online - Outsert Advertisements

Pre-prints: The Guide has the capability to create a unique pre-print distribution program to meet your needs — large or small. We can target individual streets and neighborhoods surrounding your store or blanket the entire market with your message.

Because we are direct mail, we are able to eliminate waste and duplication, yet provide unsurpassed coverage. If you are currently using another paper or more than one paper to distribute your pre-print, we can lower your costs and increase your coverage with an individualized distribution program. Your pre-print will arrive each week clean and dry in your customers’ mailbox.

We’d like to show you exactly how we can give you better coverage for less money. Let us quote you a price on your pre-prints and give you the market’s best coverage at the lowest prices.

Monthly Deals: Each month The Guide will feature local businesses with coupons, deals and offers available all month long! The Monthly Deals are a 10.25″ x 10.875″ multi-page insert that mails out in The Guide the first week of each month. Your business gets viewed by over 50,000 households close to your location!